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An application, a copy of your passport and $500.00 deposit is needed to secure a spot on the mission trip you are applying for.  Some mission trips are limited based on location, so it is important to get the application in as soon as you have committed to the mission! Each mission has an application deadline as well.  Applications can be found on the ER Abroad website and can be scanned and emailed back to


The cost of the trip averages between $1,500-$3,000 - (cost varies each trip due to airfare, transportation and hotel costs at the time).  This covers hotel, transportation in the country and most meals.  You can pay in full or you can make payments of $500.00 a month for 3-4 months. The remaining balance will be totaled and due (if any) 1st of month before date of trip.  Payments can be made through our website and the donate/make payment button at the bottom of the page (specify what the money is for), or you can mail a check to our business address: 

ER Abroad:  Mission Possible, PO Box 5616, Navarre, FL  32566.



You will need a valid passport BEFORE submitting your application to ER Abroad.  Please ensure the expiration date on passport is not less than six months from your return date of the trip. No visa required.  Make a copy of your passport and carry it separately.

PLANE TICKET.  ER Abroad will handle all travel arrangements.  Once the tickets are purchased, ER Abroad will not refund money a team member has paid.  Travel insurance is also required which will be purchased along with the airfare.


You can go to your Primary Care Provider or your local Public Health Department. Recommendations include pneumonia, hepatitis, typhoid, influenza and COVID vaccines and anti-malaria pills.  Typhoid is good for 5 years, Hepatitis lifetime if full series of vaccines completed.  Most likely if you are in the medical profession you have had the Hepatitis series.  If you have not had a recent Polio, then a booster is recommended as Guatemala does not vaccinate against Polio.


 If team member(s) fly out of St. Louis, they can drive down the night before the flight and use the Park & Fly program at the St. Louis Airport Marriott Hotel.  For one flat fee you get a hotel room and can leave your car in the Marriott’s gated parking until you return.  Some people stay at other hotels and use the airport parking.  Others drive to the airport the morning of the flight.  It is recommended to be at the airport two hours prior to flight departure for baggage check in.  Bloomington is usually the other location of departing flights.  Plenty of free parking at the airport, or there are numerous hotels close to the airport which offer free parking while you are gone, including shuttles to and from the airport.  For those flying out of other states, please let us know your closest airport so that we can make the arrangements.  We prefer the team to fly into the same destination for the second half of the trip.  This way the team can meet and fly into Guatemala together at the same time.



Supplies are brought with us in extra luggage.  You may be asked to check one or two of these as an extra checked bag.  The cost is usually around $40.00 to $60.00.  ER Abroad will reimburse you the cost if you choose.  Some people use old, beat up bags for the extra bag & then leave it behind in Guatemala to be disposed of.

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