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El Salvador

Collaborating Organizations in El Salvador

BLESSING LIVES-Margaret and Eric Wall

Eric and Margaret Wall from Alberta, Canada have been working on different teams in El Salvador and Guatemala since 2009. In 2013, Margaret started organizing a medical team in El Salvador working along side a local Salvadoran Doctor, going out to remote islands along the coast, providing much needed care to these “forgotten” people. Since the local Doctor was dealing with his own medical issues, he was unable to continue to offer services. Margaret continued to look for ways to continue to serve those less fortunate. Margaret ventured upon an opportunity to organize medical teams in the highlands of Guatemala and formed the NGO Blessing Lives. She split her time serving between Guatemala and El Salvador. While volunteering on one of the ER Abroad medical teams, she learned of their desire to expand to El Salvador. With her connection to a local Salvadoran, Jemmy Zepeda they were able to work with ER Abroad and organize a medical team to serve the “forgotten” people of the remote islands once again.


HOTEL IN EL SALVADOR (varies depending on location)

The hotel or house we stay at in El Salvador are arranged by our host in country.  There are usually no added amenities or toiletries.  Therefore, it is important to bring sheets, pillow, blanket, toilet paper, towels with you.  Whenever possible, we share rooms with other ER Abroad members to save on cost.  If you have special needs requiring, you to have either a single room or a ground floor room please let the team leader(s) know so they can arrange accommodations for you. If you know someone you want to room with let us know that as well.  There are no TVs in room and often times bathrooms are communal.  Breakfast and dinners are included and will be arranged and brought to the hotel by the host.  Often, we host clinics in two different areas.  Therefore, it is common to change hotels halfway through trip. 

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